The Young Speak Up For Optimism

The Young Speak Up For Optimism

An encouraging brief post from someone who has hope:

“…so get excited about something. choose something in the future and hold onto it. share your excitement with others, tell those you work with, those you go to school with, let them join in on your joy. trust me, no one would turn down an opportunity to join in with your joy….”
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I find that the whole feel in our culture right now is pessimistic and negative. It is like a slime in the air that one can never quite get off of oneself. Christians seem lost in this as well.

We need people who see the brightness in the future that God can do! I need this.

Why not head over to Josh’s site and leave a comment thanking him for being an optimist?


3 thoughts on “The Young Speak Up For Optimism

  1. I find that when I'm in Christ, and I understand the nature of his grace, sometimes I can't help but be optimistic, even in the midst of trials. I always have to have my eyes on the end of the trials, or fix my mind on what I can gain from such.

    Funny thing is that I consider myself the pessimist of pessimists. But I've had friends tell me that they are amazed at my optimism.

    1. I have optimism for eternity with God, and I also have optimism that God will give us a measure of dominion and victory now in this life!

      Those are my core beliefs.

      My feelings fluctuate from day to day. Sometimes all I see is the encroaching darkness. At those moments I do not feel like an optimist, but deep in my being I am. I am because I believe what God has said!


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