Emergency Co2 Day

Emergency Co2 Day

A fellow blogger over at Forgotten Liberty has suggested an “emergency Co2 emitting day” in response to the current chill.

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Since scientists tell us (although the raw data appears to be missing) that increases in CO2 emissions is causing the Earth to warm, it should make sense that if we all started emitting more CO2, we should be able to warm the Earth. We could start all the fossil fuel burning engines we have (cars, lawnmowers, chainsaws), crank up our thermostats to 85, start a bunch of bonfires, burn any coal we find laying around, and take off all the CO2 reducing components on factory smokestacks. Does that sound like a plan? I’m willing to try anything to warm the temperature up enough so I can at least take my dog for a walk.  

What do you say? 🙂

One thought on “Emergency Co2 Day

  1. Just kidding, but I live in the south and am so warm natured that I'm enjoying this cold weather while it last. The humid heat of summer will get here none too fast.

    In reality, I don't know how much a CO2 day will get Washington's attention, especially since MSM would downplay it. I think the idea at Conservative Hideout 2.0 makes more sense.

    Here is what he suggests:

    "What if we had, oh, say, 2-3 million people in DC on the day that Obama made the State of the Union Address? What if those millions of people jammed the streets around the White house and the Capitol, and Obama couldn’t get there to give the teleprompter’s speech? No guns, no weapons…nothing but a sea of flag-waving, sign bearing, America–loving patriots! That, my friends, would make an impression."

    "The MSM would have to cover it, and while they’ll smear it, and make their usual false accusations, they’ll have to admit to the size and scope of the movement, which is what they’ve really been trying to avoid. It’s hard to play down the size of something and call it a “fringe” when it’s big enough to shut down the nation’s capital!"

    I like that idea. I just wish I could go, but you need money to do that.

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