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  1. I wish before people speak about what God says and thinks would first take the time to find out who He is. God does not just love but He hates and His hate is just as holy and just as His love. As far as baby killers and all other immorality lovers go I hate them and I believe they are enemies of God and as such they are my enemy. You cannot have a verse on your site that says He sets us free and then put your parameters on what freedoms He gives us. You assume He gives us freedom to love but not hate, why? Then you give a verse that says God holds the leaders in his hands and controls what they do but then you say we should constantly pray for our leaders. I would think trusting God would be enough if you believe the verse. Just a thought for you you need to remember truth is not an idea it is a person Jesus Christ

    1. Hello Jeff, welcome to Freedomthirst.

      I almost didn’t approve your comment because it doesn’t have anything to do with the content of this post, which is a video with Sean Hannity discussing the talking points the white house released about the upcoming State of the Union address.

      I doubt that most people will know what you mean by “hating” the enemies of God. I’m not sure I know what you mean.

      I just read your comment over again several times. I don’t know what you are talking about.

      1. I would be cautious about such comments. I've been writing about the left using false flag trolls to make Conservatives look like extremists, racists, terrorists, and so on. It's only going to increase.

        1. Hi Matt!

          You very well may be right. "Jeff's" comment doesn't make much sense. For now, I will leave it there with your comments and mine to balance it out.

          Thanks for the heads up though!

  2. I agree with Sean Hannity.He must think that the American People are stupid.I have been listening to talk radio since 1990.I was listening to the State of the Union Adress and I heard Obama mention the word "I" so many times.I believe that the Republicans need to take back the House and Senate like they did in 1994.We need another Contract with America like we had in 1994.

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