We Caused This Mess

We Caused This Mess

I was just going to write an article about how it is our own fault that we have the screwed up stuff going on in American government these days. If God miraculously put excellent and qualified people in every post in America we’d screw it all up again in a few years by voting in all the same jokers that we had before!

My friend Ben beat me to the punch. It’s an article worth reading and thinking about:

There is a law of nature – The quality of internal self-government is inversely proportional to the amount of external government imposed upon self. Think of a see-saw. As self-government degrades, external government always moves in to fill the gap.


As our American society has degraded, just consider — Big government has imposed itself upon every aspect of our lives. The see-saw is so far tipped that many are saying it can never be righted again. That argument I repudiate!  [Read More]

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