Another View on the Abbottabad Raid

Another View on the Abbottabad Raid

What would you say if a news story broke that involved a Mexican commando unit raiding a house in Oklahoma somewhere and killing some high profile enemies of Mexico?

You can be assured that Americans would be “up in arms” about this. We would be furious.

I could write about a number of reasons why the raid in Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden was a valid act according to good principles, but for the moment I want to set those aside.

For the sake of humility and understanding realize how you would feel if Mexico did that and then understand how some in Pakistan could feel.

While the raid may have been right, we should not take lightly the very important idea of “National Sovereignty” and we should be very hesitant to violate it accept in the most extreme of circumstances. Then afterwords we should understand how the people of that nation might feel.

Probably many in Pakistan agree with the raid, but I can understand why some would not.

Something to think about.

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