What Can The President Do For Me?

What Can The President Do For Me?

In this recent election did you vote based on what the next President could do for you?

If you did, you are part of the problem.

Gary Demar talks about this some in a recent article.

From PoliticalOutcast.com:

As I was paging through, I came across a “Parents Platform” for the 2012 election that included “five issues they care most about — and expect the candidates to address before Election Day.” ((“The Parents Platform,” Parents (Nov. 2012), 152.)

  • MOM’S WANT a president who can fix our broken educational system.
  • MOM’S WANT a president who can protect families from environmental hazards.
  • MOM’S WANT a president who can help hardworking families get out of their financial rut.
  • MOM’S WANT a president who finds smart ways to make government more efficient and less polarized.
  • MOM’S WANT a president who will minimize the role of the government in their personal life, financial life, or both.

There is no consideration of what the President’s duties and limitations are. It’s all about “what can the president do for me.” If everybody wants the same thing, how does anybody get what he or she wants? The answer is simple: get 51 percent of the vote, and you’ll get what the other 49 percent will be made to give up.

Read more: http://politicaloutcast.com/2012/11/what-parents-magazine-tells-us-about-the-state-of-the-union/#ixzz2DlQJrU1x

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