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Pray for Barack Obama

Pray for Barack Obama

I believe that the American People have made a tragic mistake in electing Barack Obama. I believe it is our duty as Christians to speak clearly and strongly in opposition to many of His positions over the next 4 years.

I also know that God loves Barack Obama and his family, and they are going to need our prayers. They will need God as a family, and Barack Obama will need our prayers as our President.

I wonder what God will do if we love, pray for, and bless our president, even as we express our disagreement and oppose immoral policies?

Love, oppose, speak, pray.

There is always hope.

I just joined the Facebook Group “Prayer for our President.” If you are on facebook, join us!

ACLU Goes to Bat Against Prop. 8 in California

ACLU Goes to Bat Against Prop. 8 in California

For those of you who doubt that the secular humanist agenda has been trying to force it’s values on an unsuspecting populace for years via Judicial Tyranny, consider this article at

A day after California voters approved a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, the incendiary issue returned to the state Supreme Court, where gay and lesbian couples and the city of San Francisco filed lawsuits Wednesday seeking to overturn Proposition 8. [Read More]

There is only one way to avoid this. Don’t elect any liberal secular humanists to any office anywhere at any time ever. Over time, there will be real judges who respect law, and the rights of the people will begin to be restored.

Oops. America just elected Barack Obama. Of course, Barack Obama claims to be a Christian. Perhaps he is; I am not qualified to be his judge (it is below my pay grade). It is possible, however, to be a Christian and still advance a liberal secular humanist agenda.

It’s Time to Overcome

It’s Time to Overcome

Are you feeling discouraged about the state of our nation and the world?

Then this article is a must-read for you.

By Gary Demar at

“While things look grave for our nation, there is not much comparison to what these early Christians faced. We still have the freedom to make changes at all levels of society. We only lack the will. There are millions of Christians who have taken a position similar to that of popular Bible teacher John MacArthur who states that ‘”Reclaiming’ the culture is a pointless, futile exercise.’ He comes to this conclusion based on an eschatological reading of 2 Timothy 3. He quotes selective verses (vv. 1-5, and 13) in an effort to support his belief that Paul is describing the inevitable triumph of evil prior to a “rapture” of the Church that brings on an inevitable global Great Tribulation when millions of Jews are slaughtered in their homeland and billions more are killed around the world.” [Read More]


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