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The World Upside Down

The World Upside Down

The World Turned Upside DownFeel bad about yourself, go weeping down the aisle at church, pray a prayer. Stop smoking, get a haircut, buy some new clothes, start ushering at church, and for heaven’s sake tithe!

But… Is that it? Is that why Jesus came? So that people can go to Heaven and start shaving their beards and taking showers?

I am so happy to know I am going to Heaven! I am delighted to know God on my inside.

But I know there is more to Christianity than going to Heaven. First of all, there is Knowing God! That is the biggest thing and the meaning of life itself. (John 17:3)

There is also Making God Known. That involves telling people about Jesus, Heaven, and Knowing God.

But there is more! I assert that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Revelation of the Christian Bible holds the answers to turning this current fallen world upside down! It has answers for our governments, our environment, our business and commerce, our wars, and everything else pertaining to this temporal life and all of society!

Please consider what Landa Cope wrote on her website about what she is discovering about God and the Issues we face in real life on planet earth.

…The program was, perhaps, an hour long and I watched it alone. By the time my English host was done with the Dallas study I was devastated. No one would want to live in a city in that condition. The crime, the decrepit social systems, the disease, the economic discrepancies, the racial injustice all disqualified this community from having an adequate quality of life. And this was the “most Christianized” city in America. I wanted to weep…. [Read More]

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I am calling all Christians to Know their God. The True and Good God. The One who is not a figment of our imagination, or someone that we have thought up to make us feel better. He is real! He can be known! Let us delve deeply into our Bibles and into the Heart of the Father of All and learn what we need to do to change every area of life! Let us take Dominion!