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God is Alive

God is Alive

Alright. I am acting like an addict posting yet another article. I think I am venting from being out of the country for so long!

I just wrote the following comment at following an assertion that God is dead:

Well then.

Well. Religion is Icky to say the least. All of the forms, legalism, self-righeousness, etc. — ALL DEAD, all producing DEATH.

Jesus however is very much alive!

I’ll admit it, I have bought into two testimonies telling me that Jesus is alive and is the hope of the world.

1. I believe the testimony of the Apostles via the Bible. They say it and I believe it.

2. I believe the testimony of the Holy Spirit who is speaking to everyone that Jesus is literally alive.

Now this is exciting!

I have bought it hook, line and sinker. Jesus is alive. He is the hope of the world.


God is alive!


I am sure to receive a colorful response. 🙂 I seem to have developed a “Reckless Abandonment Disorder” – which is a psychological and spiritual state of being where one no longer is disturbed by being mocked, scorned, or otherwise mistreated for being 100% convinced about Jesus Christ.