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Is it Time to Impeach Some Federal Judges?

Is it Time to Impeach Some Federal Judges?

Click Here for Image SourceI have often considered that one of the necessary steps to restoring liberty in America may be to impeach and remove federal judges who have blatantly made up fiction about things allegedly in the constitution. (For example, the recent case of Judge Vaughn Walker and “gay marriage.”)

Carson Holloway of The Public Discourse argues persuasively for pursuing this course of action:

“Such judicial activism has been an ongoing problem for decades. In response, a conservative legal movement has arisen to offer resistance through public and scholarly argument, the election of constitutionalist presidents and senators, and, ultimately, the appointment of judges and justices who will confine themselves to the requirements of the constitution and refrain from imposing their own values as law. Such efforts have been fruitful but never fully effective. Judicial activism has been slowed but not stopped, with the result that democratic self-governance and the rule of law continue gradually to erode. Since even the incremental surrender of these fundamental principles of American republicanism is unacceptable, it is time to weigh the use of stronger medicine. It is time to consider the impeachment of federal judges as a remedy to judicial activism.”  [Read More]

Significant Moments in His-Story

Significant Moments in His-Story

My friend Ben just wrote an article referring to Sunday’s Health Care “reform” vote. It is posted at Go read it, and then check out the seminars and online course that he offers.

Here is a sample:

One of the things that make tomorrow (Sunday March 21st, 2010) one of those “moments” will never show in the media. I believe there is more focused prayer being sent Heavenward from Americans, than at any time in my 80 years. Those who know Jewish history are familiar with the times when things reached a point that enough members of a society prayed for divine help – and it was granted.

At issue tomorrow, is godliness vs. ungodliness. Liberty is as evangelical as it is political. Are we to be a nation (society) governed by laws that reflect and protect our liberty? – or – Are we to be a nation (society) governed by force and manipulation?  [Read More]

Will Obama Cede U.S. Sovereignty in Copenhagen?

Will Obama Cede U.S. Sovereignty in Copenhagen?

If the Youtube Video is not working watch here:

Hat tip to Chad Prigmore over at Effective Spirit for calling this video to my attention.

I’m not sure what to make of it at this point. This is the question that comes to mind though: All of our attention is on Health Care Reform and there is only a vague sense in the nation that a “Second Kyoto” is going on over there somewhere that isn’t really a threat to us.

I wonder, what is the deal in Copenhagen?

One thing the guy in this video missed about U.S. law is this: No treaty becomes law until ratified by the senate and the senate can unratify the treaty later. Other nations might tell us we cannot, but we can.

Our sovereignty cannot be compromised if we are willing to defend it. I wonder who is going to come and enforce the law if we unratify it later?

I am very interested to hear your thoughts (readers) about this video and this treaty in Copenhagen. Is Lord Christopher Monckton out to lunch or is the threat real?