NARAL says McCain/Palin is radically Pro-Life

NARAL opposes McCain/Palin because they are too Pro-Life. Sounds like a good reason to vote for them to me! 🙂

Read about it at the HuffingtonPost:

“Today, NARAL Pro-Choice America launched the first in its series of web videos that shows America just how extreme and radical the McCain-Palin ticket is when it comes to abortion, Roe v. Wade, and a woman’s right to choose. And best of all, we have them saying what they believe in their own words — no spin, no re-interpretation of what they said — just the real McCain and Palin.” [Read More]

Voting for John McCain? – Almost Certain Now

Well friends, I am almost 95% sure now that I will be voting for John McCain.

Here are some great words from James Dobson at whose sentiments I agree with:

“It’s probably obvious which of the two major candidates’ views are most palatable to those of us who embrace a pro-life, pro-family worldview,” he says. “While I will not endorse either candidate this year, (in fact, I’ve only endorsed one presidential nominee in my life) I can say that I am now supportive of Senator John McCain and his bid for the presidency.” [Read More]