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Principle or Luck?

Principle or Luck?

Republicans (and others) would like to see Barack Obama be a one term President.

Will this happen?

I don’t know. Maybe. Hopefully. But I do NOT feel like I can depend on American voters to throw him out based on principle. It is really a matter of luck. If people feel that the economy is improving in the short run they will re-elect Obama. If they feel that the immediate economic future is bleak they will vote for the other guy.

It’s almost a matter of luck.

Wouldn’t it be nice if voters were interested in what principles would give us LONG TERM prosperity?

And what about liberty? Is anyone really concerned about THAT?

Are we willing to keep sliding into a socialist tyranny as long as it FEELS like the economy is getting better?

If I had to choose between “the economy” being “better” or being FREE to pursue my own destiny I would choose FREEDOM.

After all of these years of blogging here I am still THIRSTY FOR FREEDOM.

What’s going on in Illinois Primary for Governor?

What’s going on in Illinois Primary for Governor?

I’ve had a terrible time finding info on the results from the Illinois Governors Primary.

Pat Quinn won for the Democrats while the race between Brady and Dillard (Republicans) is still close. Brady is up by 406 votes and tomorrow is an important day for absentee ballots.

It looks like Brady is going to win but this thing isn’t over yet.

I almost voted for Brady. I picked Jim Ryan because I thought he was higher in the polls (I was apparently wrong about that!) Both Brady and Ryan are more conservative (especially on social issues) than Dillard.

So I hope Brady wins this contest.

Here is a mildly boring but at least informative interview with Bill Brady from Fox News Chicago:

Watch at Fox News Chicago