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The Non-Marriage Marriage

The Non-Marriage Marriage

I just read this article at

My daughter and her partner were married in 2004 and I couldn’t ask for a better spouse for my daughter, or daughter-in-law for me. However, my attitude traveling to the wedding was far different from my attitude on the trip home. God attends gay weddings. Who knew?

People have debated scriptures over the issues of gay marriage and homosexuality until they are red in the face—red because both sides are so angry.

When I asked a wise friend how she reconciled the scriptures with her daughter’s homosexuality, she said, “I can’t. So I just let God sort it out.” I took her advice and I learned things about God I would never have known if I were still telling Him what His scriptures mean.

If we spent as much time obeying God’s two greatest commandments, which are that we love Him and love our neighbors as ourselves, and less time policing everyone who is different from us, imagine what a world it would be.

Here is the response that I posted:

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“When I hear terms like ‘God’s design’ and ‘Biblical marriage’ I have to wonder who decides these things.”

That is the heart of the question isn’t it. WHO decides these things?

I have often heard this argument: “there are so many different interpretations of the Bible” with an implied “therefore we should not try and interpret it rightly.”

Here is the basic traditional Protestant Christian Doctrine: The Bible is the standard of truth and ethics. We may struggle to understand it. We may debate what it means, but in the end it ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING whether we come to the right conclusion or not!

The Bible is the standard, not man’s interpretation of the Bible.

Who decides these things? God does, and he puts instructions in the Bible for us to understand. We can do our best to study but we have to start with the assumption that God is the judge of what is and is not true.

The first account of marriage in the Bible is about how a man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to his wife. One man. One woman. Family unit. Produces children. Vehicle for multiplication and dominion.

This was all in the context of “it is not good for a man to be alone.”

In other words: A one man, one woman family producing and training up children is the fundamental basic building block of society as God designed it!

We mess with this at our peril.

It is not love to say “no problem” to someone who rejects this and tries to replace it with a “same-sex” marriage. In fact, this is very practically a whole lot more like hate.

It is not love to tell someone who is destroying their own life and the lives of others and their potential in God that nothing is wrong.

Love says “God designed you – follow His design!”

Same-sex “marriage” cannot be love. In fact, it cannot be marriage. Even if we “legalize” it as a society. To say “same-sex marriage” is like saying “non-marriage marriage.”

This is what happens when we depart from Jesus Christ and His Word (The Bible) as the standard for truth and life – we become insane and speak nonsense and call it love.

Covert False Righteousness

Covert False Righteousness


“If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”

This is a true statement. I am applying it right now to Biblical Worldview. If you don’t have a comprehensive Biblical Worldview you will be easily be deceived by the various ungodly agendas in the world.

One of the most common forms of Worldview Deception is to use an appeal to moral indignation about something that is universally considered wrong in order to cloak a darker Worldview Agenda.

The most common of such deceptions that I have noticed is the manipulative use of the poor. How many times have you heard “God cares about the poor” followed by (basically) “therefore it is un-Christian to oppose these civil government based welfare ‘redistribution of wealth’ plans that we are proposing.” Of course, these types of solutions to poverty are based on a corrupted worldview and will only lead to bondage for both “the poor” and “the rich.” Creating hostility between these two alleged groups is a fundamental strategy of Marxism.

But this note is not about poverty. I want to call your attention to another bad Worldview Agenda that is being cloaked in (false) righteousness.

The agenda is to promote the forced acceptance of homosexual behavior via the force of the civil government. The latest trend for cloaking that agenda is the issue of bullying.

Various states and the federal government currently have legislation either pending or passed to prevent “bullying.”

Things to be aware of:

  1. Classes in schools to prevent “bullying.” Are they really neutral classes or workshops to discourage anyone from bullying anyone else, or are they being used to promote “if you believe or say that homosexual behavior is morally wrong then you are a bully”?
  2. Legislation pretending to be about anti-bullying that is actually being used to promote the use of the force of civil government to silence opposition to the acceptance of homosexual behavior.
  3. News articles, television ads, etc. trying to raise awareness of bullying, especially emphasizing the bullying of homosexual behavior.

No one should be bullied. Not even if they are being bullied because of a perceived “sexual-orientation;” but that doesn’t mean we need a host of new laws, agendas, civil government programs, etc. to stop it. Parents in local communities are the answer, not our “statist” saviors.

I would suggest to you that you always be wary of attempts to solve all of societies ills with the force of civil government, especially the use of the national civil government. There is a good chance that things are not what they appear.

It may sound “righteous” and appeal to your emotions, but it very well may be Covert False Righteousness.

Beware of worldview agendas!

You can read more about the issues of bullying and “true tolerance” here: