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Dr. Kevin Pho discusses the problems caused by Massachusetts’ “universal” health care at CNN.com.

” The Massachusetts Medical Society reported that the average wait time for a new patient looking for a primary care doctor ranged from 36 to 50 days, with almost half of internal medicine physicians closing their doors entirely to new patients. And when you consider that Massachusetts already has the highest concentration of doctors nationwide, wait times will likely be worse in other, less physician-abundant parts of the country, should universal coverage be enacted federally.

“When patients are forced to wait weeks to obtain medical care, they inevitably find their way into the emergency department for treatment that ordinarily can be handled in a doctor’s office. Indeed, since health reform was passed, according to state data provided to the Boston Globe, Massachusetts emergency rooms have reported a 7 percent increase in volume, which markedly inflates costs when you consider that emergency room treatment can be up to 10 times more expensive than an office visit for the same ailment.” [Read More]

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How does Ronald Reagan’s Response to the economic troubles of the 1980’s compare to Barack Obama’s response now?

From FoxNews

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America’s Ignorance of Barack Obama “Disturbing” (OneNewsNow):

Unfortunately, according to Bauer, the American media did not press Obama to answer questions about some of these questionable ideas and affiliations. “The result is that I think we had one of the most undereducated electorates in the history of our country partake in this election, not knowing the first thing about what the man who’s now been elected president has on his agenda,” he concludes. [Read More]

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