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Vote for Romney, But Know What You Are Doing

Vote for Romney, But Know What You Are Doing

If you really believe before God that Mitt Romney is an acceptable candidate and that in spite of his flaws his election would be a temporary respite to the slide of America into whatever it is slide into – then go out on election day and vote for him.

I am serious. Go vote for Mitt Romney.

But if you believe that it does not matter whether or not his words match his actions over time, and if you do not believe that his confusing changes in opinions matter, and if you don’t believe it matters that he isn’t even a Christian, I fear you are deceived.

If you believe it is best to vote for him, do so; but don’t be deceived into thinking that everything is alright and Romney will save us.

There seems to me to be a madness that has descended on Christians in this election.

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A madness where:

  • It no longer matters if a candidate is confused about abortion
  • It no longer matters if a candidate is confused about marriage
  • It no longer matters if a candidate is confused about the role of government
  • It no longer matters if what someone is saying is completely inconsistent with what they have said in the past and with what they have done.

One of the strangest things of all is that: It no longer matters even if a candidate is a Christian!

I understand that there could be a setting where it is better to vote for a non-Christian Candidate who is standing for Christian values than for a candidate whose values are basically anti-Christian. But my experience this election cycle is that Christians have thrown the idea that it is better to elect Christians completely to the wind with almost no caution or concern at all! I can hardly tell you how many people have said to me “I am voting for the Commander in Chief, not the Theologian (or pastor) in Chief.” As if a candidates worldview could be derived apart from their religious values? What????

Truthfully, I am beginning to wonder if the small number of voices who have been claiming that American Christians have replaced Christianity with an “American Civic Religion” may be more correct than I previously thought.

I disagree with them when they go so far as to imply that Christian involvement in the Civil Arena is wrong or should be de-emphasized. But I seriously wonder that if in spite of that they are right in discerning a problem.

I am more afraid (I believe in a good way) before God regarding voting in this election than I have been in any previous election. I am looking for the heart and mind of God in this. I am not really hearing that in the public debate and discussion between Christians hardly at all. Rather, I am seeing what appears to be a huge cloak of blindness on most of the Christian Remnant in America.

That is scary. My honest question is this: Have we so made “political revolution” an idol that we have been blinded by it?

I still strongly believe that Christian ideas and Christian people need to be in the civil arena. I believe that civil government is just one area where Christians need to take dominion by being servants and speaking truth. I reject calls to become dis-involved with or to reject altogether involvement in politics.

But I am concerned that American Christians may have lost the way.

Romney – Not the Best Guy for Ending Obamacare

Romney – Not the Best Guy for Ending Obamacare


“The former Governor of Massachusetts and semi-declared candidate for President, Mr. Romney, has the Massachusetts health care ‘solution’ called now ‘RomneyCare’ (a plan upon which the widely unpopular ‘Obama Care’ plan is based) to discuss with the American people. For some on the Left this provides Mr. Romney with a strong gravitas, but how will RomneyCare play on the Right?”


“Michael Graham in the Boston Herald of April 12, 2011 writes,

‘As a health care plan, Romney care is an unmitigated fiasco. It has caused costs to skyrocket, insurance premiums to soar and nonprofit providers like Blue Cross to suffer hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.'”