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Don't Do This!  Naughty You.

Don’t Do This! Naughty You.

I remember the big, red, fresh tomatoes that my grandparents would give us once in a while when I was growing up.

If you haven’t had one, you don’t actually know what a tomato is.

Due to current trends in stupid government one couple is having a huge hassle growing their own food in a garden that they have had previously for 17 years.

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“For the residents of Miami Shores, Fla., growing veggies can land you a fine — the type you eventually can’t afford.

“That’s what happened to Hermine Ricketts and her husband, Tom Carroll. For the past 17 years they’ve grown a garden in the front yard of their modest South Florida home. The backyard, they say, doesn’t get enough sunlight.

“But in May, the city put the couple’s garden, and any others like it, in their legal crosshairs.”  [Read More]

I say leave these people alone.

What do you say?

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