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Month: October 2007

Should America be Isolationist?

Should America be Isolationist?

america-sailing.jpgI personally don’t want my national government to spend it’s money and lives on the world’s problems. Leave that to business and to missionaries.

That is my feeling on the matter.

But what would happen to the world if the U.S. disengaged?

There is an article that is great at making one think about that topic!

A Pajamas Media Article offers some good thoughts on the topic. Read it and let me know what you think!

Chuck Norris Endorses Mike Huckabee

Chuck Norris Endorses Mike Huckabee

Chuck Norris has endorsed Mike Huckabee. He gives his reasons in this article:

Christians and the Environment

Christians and the Environment

nature.jpgI think the “environmentalist” movement has in some ways been “hijacked” by a socialist economic and social agenda. Business is bad. Government control is the only solution. Believe our version of what is best for the environment or you must be a “big oil, big business, anti-environment” individual.

What if I am enthusiastically in favor of caring for our planet, only I don’t buy into all of the agenda that is presented to me, and because of that agenda I am suspicious of certain “science” and “beyond debate” issues that are presented to me by the media, activists, and politicians?

I have also noticed another trend. Young Christians appear to be in some cases reacting to the real and/or perceived bias in previous generations of Christians. “It isn’t cool for Christians to be against he environment any more. It is not Christian to be against helping the environment.”

Well, it has never been “Christian” to be against properly managing our environment!

I am concerned that Christians could get sucked into a reactionary movement that leaves behind Christian Principle in their efforts to redeem Christianity from a”pharisaical” image of not caring about the environment. (I think there is also a reactionary movement against Christians being stuck as “conservatives” as well.)

I want to make a few assertions:

  1. God has given mankind dominion over the earth.
  2. Man is a blessing to the earth, not a curse to it.
  3. Man has sometimes mistreated the earth to man’s own harm
  4. Christians can be a part of the solutions to solving environmental problems!
  5. Christians should be very careful to thoroughly think through and analyze their positions on environmental issues, and should not necessarily concede that those who claim to define “environmentalism” are correct. “Environmentalists” may in some cases be sucked into a deceptive worldview that will not benefit the earth or human beings.

Here is a link to an inspiring declaration of earth-stewardship coming from Protestants, Catholics and Jews:

I believe that getting God’s heart and wisdom will lead us to ideas and plans that will benefit mankind economically and in all kinds of fruitfulness, but also will benefit mankind through a safer, cleaner, and more beautiful planet.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!