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Looking for Heroes

Looking for Heroes

Why are we so moved by legends such as Robin Hood?

Because we long to see someone who is strong and able who will stand up for what is right even at the risk of their own life and limb. We want them to win. We watch our heroes fly through the air, arrows flying, saving the weak, punishing the wicked.

The question is, can we be like them?

Heroism doesn’t always involve physical feats of glory. Sometimes it happens in every day life.

It is hardest to be a hero when we put our life, limb, property, happiness, comfort, etc. at risk. In the movies the good guys win, although sometimes they die a hero’s death. Did the hero know that they won?

To be a real hero you risk life, limb, and everything else without ever knowing if it will really do anybody any good. You don’t know if the good guys win in the end. Maybe you’ll die for nothing.

The Reality of God’s Existence, and the Revelation of His Character and Nature through the Bible and through the Gospel of Jesus Christ can empower heroes!

If someone has hope for a better eternity, and hope that God will set things right even if their own efforts fail, that someone can do acts of great heroism even in the face of impossibility.

We need heroes in America. We need people who will dream and act. We need people who will see a glorious future no matter how bad things get. We need people who will not run to the hills in despair but who will stand and fight for what is right even if they only experience persecution, suffering and loss.

I wonder if I will be able to see a glorious future when it is my turn to hang on a cross. When it looks like my own efforts will fail and I will die in vain, can I still believe God at that moment?

Jesus saw the glory set before him beyond His own immediate life. He died on a cross with his followers scattered and his ministry failed. Hebrews 12:2 says that he “endured the cross, scorning its shame” for the “joy set before Him!”

God help us to see the joy set before us so we can live like heroes!

What About God?

What About God?

When I was in high school some of my friends strongly challenged my worldview and challenged me with questions like “How do you know your religion is right? Everyone thinks the beliefs that they grew up with are true!”

My own heart had a deep hunger for truth and to believe things really and not just because a family member did.

I needed intellectual proof. I found this in two primary categories. 1) Reason 2) History

Francis Schaeffer’s book He is There and He is not Silent provided me with some serious reasoning. I also spent extended time discussing with my skeptical friends and other people in my life.

I read several books and did a lot of thinking about the Christian Claim of a Real Time-Space event called the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I read a debate between Gary Habermas and Anthony Flew about the Historical and Logical Evidence surrounding the Resurrection Event. I also read The Resurrection Factor by Josh McDowell and read some of Evidence that Demands a Verdict by the same author. It didn’t take long to see that it was very reasonable to believe in the Resurrection of Christ! And if that happened… Well.

But it wasn’t enough. My mind was somewhat satisfied that it was more reasonable to believe in God (and the entire Christian Faith) than not to, but I needed something more.

That something more came in the from of an Encounter with God. I used to demand that He show up and physically show Himself to me. I wanted to see God!

Well, it never happened. I never did see Him. But something else happened. I encountered Him.

Mormons have told me they had a “burning in their bosom.” A close relative told me how they experienced god through buddhism. I have heard many stories. An atheist “evangelist” at a local university challenged me to read Varieties of Religious Experience by William James. I got the book, but soon realized that my encounter was way beyond an “experience.” It was more like an internal “knowing” or “revelation.” The truth is, I have been unable to doubt God’s existence or the Story of Christ since Encountering the Living and True God!

Yes, I said unable.

Now, I know that my encounter doesn’t offer much to someone else, and I don’t expect it to. I suppose it has some value as a testimony that such things might be possible. It could offer hope to a hungry seeker. It is a form of evidence (yes, testimony is a form of evidence).

This is an interesting thing about God. Everyone get’s to see His Creation. Some decide that this is “evidence” of God, others say it is not. The Holy Spirit is in the earth as testimonial evidence to the human heart of God. Some speak of powerful encounters, others remain skeptics.

In the end, everyone gets to look at all the evidence (or refuse to look) and decide whether or not to believe. This is faith. Looking at the evidence and deciding what to believe. In a very real sense being an “atheist” is “faith.” An atheist is having faith in “there is no god” based on whatever “evidence” he or she examined.

We have a choice. All this leads back to the question: What evidence do you require? All of us will die one day and face the answer about any afterlife. It is certainly worth considering what will be there.

True Perspective

True Perspective

The Story is Alive!

I think I understand why ancient Israel got stuck in the desert.

They forgot who God was, and they forgot who they were. Or maybe they never got it in the first place.

I find it amazing how differently my days go depending on my perspective!

Now, I am not one who believes in “magic.” In other words, I don’t believe that by just declaring positive things, everything will “magically” be alright. I admit it. I also believe in action.

But oh how different my day goes when I remember, think, and speak from God’s perspective!

I was “Created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared before hand to be my way of life!” I am with Jesus in a “heavenly” position “far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and above every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the age to come.”

I love the words of the old Rich Mullins song where he sings the basic creed of the Christian Faith. “I believe in God the Father, Almighty Maker of Heaven and of Earth, I believe in Jesus Christ His only Begotten Son, our Lord…” Then he sings “I did not make it, no it is making me, it is the very truth of God not the invention of any man.”

We didn’t make up this Jesus stuff. It really happened.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far, far away (which happens to be here) God really did speak the Cosmos into existence! God really did create a paradise and a man and a woman in His image. He really did command them to be fruitful and multiply.

They really did mess it up.

I really mess things up.

God really did enter earth as a Real Life Flesh and Blood Human Person!

Jesus. Yeshua. Emmanuel. The Son of God. The Son of Mary.

That’s right. It’s all a true story! It isn’t something we made up to “define ourselves and give our lives meaning.” It is reality. It is truth. It all came to pass in the “Time-Space Continuum.”

We humans really did kill God while he walked among us. We hammered nails through his hands and feet and let him die an agonizing unjust death.

But just as our Hope is in God now, inspite of our failures, so was it then.

We screwed it up. God intervened.

And Jesus – Yeshua- the Savior of all Mankind busted right out of death and walked among us again.

That bit about Him soaring up into the sky at the end of His time with the Disciples? An actual event!

The promise to live inside of us through the Holy Spirit if we will believe this whole story and hope in Jesus? The very Truth of God, not the invention of any man!

I believe it.

He has promised to return, and HE WILL!

Knowing all this changes who I am! It starts deep inside and makes my Spirit and my Heart come to life. God help me remember!

Because of Jesus, everything God says about me is true!

Old things have passed away. ALL things are new.

This is true. God help me remember!

God give me Your Perspective!