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Month: September 2008

What is Social Justice?

What is Social Justice?

I just read an article at:

Here is the comment I wrote on that article:

I am one of those who is very suspicious of the term “social justice.” I understand what justice is. I understand what compassion and mercy are. I intend to participate in all three.

So… How do you differ between “social justice”, and “justice?”

I believe that we as Christians have an opportunity to serve, love and help the poor, the needy, the oppressed. I am suspicious of any attempt to destroy the liberty we have to do so via government programs, socialist worldview, and so called “progressive” thinking.

I have lots of questions.


Thirsty for Freedom Guy

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I am watching and waiting to see what becomes of the Emergent Church. Part of me enthusiastically understands some of where they are coming from. Another part is concerned that it could become a vehicle for some pretty “liberal” ideas being presented as “Christian.” I am not asserting that is the agenda of the Emergent Church. I am just concerned and watching. That is all.